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A New Set of Tools

The way of work has changed.

When we work has changed.

How we work has changed.

Access to work has changed.

So naturally, the way we lead people should change too but has it?

We are absolutely living in new times that seemed to be flipped around nearly overnight, but the reality is that we have been living in a new world for many years.

Our world shifted from the Industrial Age into the Digital Age when email, internet, and home computers became common things. It just feels like our current Digital Age is on steroids due to the quick shift businesses made moving their offices into remote mode. Leaders have been forced into new territory, using different programs and processes. Some leaders are struggling. I believe, in part, it’s because leaders have needed to manage people differently in the new world for years, but many haven’t known how to or understood the importance of doing so.

How do you lead in this new age?

It starts with a new set of leadership tools that might require retraining your mind around how you think of others and your own leadership skills. Reading the latest best-selling leadership book, watching a TED talk, or attending a (virtual) conference are all helpful – don’t get me wrong, but it's not truly scalable to those you lead. It does not offer long-term consistent support to you and your team. What does offer both is YOU intentionally being a 100X Leader.

100 = getting you to be 100% healthy - mentally, physically, emotionally.

X = intentionally transferring (multiplying) your skills, wisdom, and knowledge into the life of those you lead.

Doesn’t it sound good to move towards being 100% healthy?

Right now, we're going through an incredible moment in history where technology continues to transform the way that we work. It's not going to get any slower, but it can be less scary.

With the right tools, a guide, and your desire, you can be someone who people want to follow because your life is worth following.

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