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The Happiest Time of the Year?

What are you unhappy about right now? What situation or circumstance do you feel needs to be resolved so that you can be happy?

We tell ourselves lies and we too often listen to them. One of the biggest and most damaging lies we tell ourselves is, “My current situation and circumstances are not good enough for me to be happy! I will be happy when _______.”(fill in the blank)

Take a moment to reflect on how you completed that sentence. I’ll share with you that these last few months I have finished that sentence with “… I finally complete another coaching certification that I’ve been working on for more than a year.”

Think about how you’ve finished that sentence throughout your life. I will be happy when...

  • I get my driver’s license

  • Get accepted into my dream college

  • Land my first job or finally get a promotion

  • Get married or have children

  • Start a business

  • And so on….

When you finally got what you thought would make you forever happy, how long did your happiness last? Or did you create a new target in order to be happy? When I complete my certification program (whenever that might be😊), that will totally bring me happiness and cause for celebrating, but that won’t give me long-term, true happiness.

Here’s a secret. You already have everything you need right now to be happy.

Your happiness depends entirely on which part of your brain is activated and managing your life's situations and what emotions you're feeling.

You have two parts in your brain that are wired very differently. One part motivates us through negative emotions, like fear, stress, anger, and guilt. The other part motivates us through positive emotions, like empathy, curiosity, creativity, passion, and purpose.

When you're feeling positive emotions, you are happy, even if your circumstances are not going how you want them to. Happiness is an inner state of mind, but we must intentionally choose to activate the positive part of our brain and not listen to the harmful lies.

Your level of mental fitness determines how quickly you shift from negativity to positive emotions. Stop waiting to be happy one day and take charge today.


If you are holding yourself back and stuck in unhappiness, contact me to introduce you to my mental fitness program that will increase your performance and happiness.

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