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Your Influence Matters

My mind is spinning and my heart is heavy from everything that is happening in America, from COVID-19 to the bright spotlight being shined on years of social and systemic injustices, and the many strong opinions and disagreements surrounding everything.

Right now, my hope is for people to stop pointing fingers and assigning blame for what is happening. Change must start with ourselves and our intentional actions that are FOR others. I ask that you take a few minutes to pause, be in silence, and in personal reflection of how your influence is affecting your 5 circles.

I’m referring to GiANT’s 5 Circles of Influence – self (at the center), family, team, organization, and community. Self is at the center because influence always starts with ourselves and works its way out. If you know yourself first, your capacity to lead yourself well will create a ripple effect out through the other circles. The goal is to be healthy in all 5 circles because you won’t build influence if you’re healthy in only one or two circles while the others are messy.

5 Circles of Influence

Your influence matters in every circle and, as a leader, people are watching you. Are your thoughts and comments (verbal and written) adding to healthy and honest conversations with yourself, family, team, organization, and community (social media)? I’m having discussions with my family and friends that I’ve never had before. I’m learning, listening, and working to understand how we got to where we are today. I encourage you to stay informed and listen. I learned a lot from watching this conversation and the Global Leadership Network has numerous resources that I value.

"If you want to impact culture, you have to get outside of your own four walls." Bishop T. D. Jakes

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