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Flourish Sherpa
Leadership Group

The best leaders in the world lead themselves to higher levels by calibrating both support and challenge to themselves and the people they lead. We call those leaders 100X Leaders.


A 100X Leader is moving towards 100% health (mentally, physically, emotionally) and learned how to multiply his/her skills, wisdom, and information to everyone he/she leads.

There is no better metaphor to explain this than that of a Sherpa on Mt. Everest.  Sherpas have the ability to lead themselves and others up the mountain. It's not easy and it takes a lot of stamina, but with the right tools and information, you can be a 100X Leader - a Sherpa!

Using content from the 5 Voices and 100X Leader Systems through the GiANT online platform, Tina will coach a small group of leaders over 6 months through a proven process to become 100X Leaders in all circles of their life.

Who is this for?

  • Business Owners

  • Team Leaders (Corporate or Nonprofit)

  • Community Volunteers

  • Anyone who wants to be intentional and grow their leadership. 

Here's What You'll Receive
This intentional 6-month process is designed to help you be the

best leader  you can be in each circle of influence in your life.

Here’s how:


  • Access to weekly 15–20-minute on-demand video training focused on learning & practical tools

  • A weekly 100 Exercise focused on helping you improve your own personal leadership

  • A weekly X Challenge focused on helping you take what you have learned and impact others immediately

  • Every other week 1-hour Flourish Leadership Group sessions aimed at deepening understanding & application while providing accountability on the journey

  • Access to the GiANT platform, including additional live training sessions with industry experts, and membership in a Sherpa Training Group with leaders from around the world

The Benefits of Sherpa Groups



Actively invest in your own growth to become the best leader you can be


Systematic, proven process for developing toward optimal health & high-performance



Real-world  and personal application of what you are learning each week



Regular connection and support from other leaders walking through the process with you



Creating new habits that puts you on a path to becoming 100% healthy.



Low investment - $199 a month or

$159 for nonprofit or education leaders

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