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Unlocking Your True Potential & Happiness

The journey begins with you.

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You, and the people you work with, are capable of so much more. Imagine what could happen for you, your team, and your organization if every team member’s potential was truly utilized.


The first step to being Invincible is taking your team through a 5 Voices Bootcamp! Each person will take the 5 Voices assessment and then I'll provide a free 90-minute overview. We'll walk through the results and talk about your specific needs.

Are you ready to be Invincible?

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Other Services

A Few Previous Speaking Engagements July 2020: Oklahoma Society of Association Executives (OSAE) Annual Conference August 2021: Memorial Road Church of Christ Women's Ministry October 2021: Better Business Bureau® Serving Central Oklahoma's Revere & Revel™ Conference January 2022: Edmond Chamber of Commerce Small Business Luncheon July 2022: WomenNow Networking Group August 2022: Central Oklahoma Chapter American Association of Dental Office Management August 2022: Boss Lady Light Luncheon September 2022: Better Business Bureau® Serving Central Oklahoma's Revere & Revel™ Conference March 2023: OK Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics March 2023: Care & Counseling Center at Memorial Road Church of Christ September 2023: Better Business Bureau® Serving Central Oklahoma's Revere & Revel™ Conference September 2023: OkACTE CCD Fall Workshop September 2023: Women in Dentistry event November 2023: Regent Bank Non-Profit Leadership Series November 2023: Oklahoma Dental Association December 2023: Oklahoma Nutrition and Dietetics

Group Meeting


What's it like to be on the side of you?

If you don't know, then chances are you are losing influence without realizing it. 


No matter where you are in your leadership journey, whether newly promoted or seasoned manager of people, taking intentional steps for your leadership health will create high-performing teams. 

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Do you need an inspiring and fun speaker for your in-person or virtual professional association, classroom, conference, or special event? 

Complete this quick form and we'll begin discussing your specific needs for your event. 

Topics include:

  • Increase Your Mental Fitness: The X-Factor in Performance & Happiness

  • Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

  • Get In Gear: Avoiding Burnout

  • 5 Voices: Discover and Value Your Leadership Voice

  • 100X Leader: Equipped to lead from a place of peace and liberation



Whether it's 2 hours or up to a full day, my workshops are adjustable to fit your timeframe. Topics include transforming team communications and building leaders worth following.

Transforming Team Communication is a 5-module program that deepens relational trust, unlocks true potential and accelerates your team's performance. You will discover your Leadership Voice and learn to value the voices on your team. Click here for more information.


The 100X Leader System builds leaders worth following. This 6-module program equips people to be 100% healthy and also to multiply (X) their knowledge. Every workshop is grounded in data and is available for in-person delivery or via Zoom. 

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"We felt like we already had a fairly high functioning team at Angels but we are always looking for new ways to grow and improve. That is exactly what Tina's training brought to the table. We left it having a deeper understanding of our own voices and the voices of our teammates and what we all bring to the table. I feel like it brought our team communication and function to the next level."

Carla Dobbs  /  Assistant Director, Angels Foster Family Network OKC

"After 30+ years as a professional, I’ve participated in all of the traditional workplace personality tests.  But the Five Voices was different – a truly unique experience. We have seasoned, right-out-of-college, and everything-in-between team members. Tina’s training was original, insightful, productive and FUN for everyone!  We’re using what we learned every day. I recommend this training without reservation!"

F. Lynn Means  /  Executive Director, Oklahoma Dental Association

"Tina Evans has been a game-changer and I’m so lucky to have been able to learn my leadership voice just as I was opening my business. It not only has made me a more effective leader but has allowed everyone on our team to find their voice and feel safe to be heard. We’ve avoided many conflicts and easily navigated through some growing pains because we are more aware of the way our voices affect others on the team. If you are a new business I highly recommend Tina’s coaching and if you’ve been in business for a while but just want to be more efficient and effective this is probably the piece that has been missing."

Rachel R. McKinzie, DO  /  Owner & Medical Director, McKinzie Aesthetics Center

"We invited Tina to train our leadership team on The Five Voices and the learnings we took away still make their way into our communication daily. Tina is an excellent coach, and the content is engaging and valuable. I would recommend this training to any team in any industry."

Rachel Freeman  /  COO, City Care

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