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Be a Leader Worth Following

Fighting for Your Highest Possible Good

Be a Leader Worth Following

Be a Leader Worth Following

Helping you be 100% Healthy

Helping you be a 100X Leader

How Can I Help You to the Next Level?

How Can I Help You to the Next Level?

What We Do

Today's leaders need a new set of tools and skills to become high performers that build truly collaborative teams.

Unlock the potential of your people with a data-driven process that is transforming teams of any size. 

Need a speaker for your event? Tina speaks to audiences of all sizes and offers a variety of topics. 


The journey begins with you.

You want to be a good leader, but are you overworked, stressed, and frustrated? Are you spending time on office drama or constantly mitigating unhealthy situations that are affecting your outcomes and generating unproductive meetings?


Now imagine your team working in healthy collaboration with everyone being truly heard and valued. Imagine if everyone had a common vocabulary and set of tools to navigate inside of your team. If that sounds profitable to you, let's begin with a no-obligation chat where we meet you where you are.  

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Leader Development Coach & Guide

Tina Evans, Leader Coach & Guide

Tina Evans is a communication professional and certified leadership coach with a passion for supporting teams in moving from “performing” to becoming a high-performing team. She provides personalized tools to help compress time and pulls to the surface issues that keep the organization from experiencing peace, reaching maximum productivity, and truly prospering.

I want to learn how to become a leader worth following.

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