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Manage Your Mood

Are you a moody person?😉 I've never met anyone who admits to being moody, but you do have various moods. Have you ever thought about having a default mood? It's one that you unconsciously settled into so you might not be aware. It's because that mood is so common to you that you don't even recognize it as a mood when you're in it. I discovered my default moods are a bit melancholy or a feeling of unsettledness. Whenever I wasn't paying attention to my mindset it would shift to one of these feelings, which neither one are healthy or productive. My husband can usually tell by my pacing-around-behavior when I'm in an unsettled, anxious mindset. It's still a deep-rooted tendency, but I'm now fully aware of it so I can catch myself quicker when I'm headed in that direction, but not always. My family continues to navigate our journey through a housefire for over a year and I'm SO Tired! When I'm accidental my emotions have spiraled out and affected everyone in my vicinity - but most often I'm alone when that happens. My emotions affect ME, too! Stop and think about it - what is your default mood?

Our emotions affect other people - for good and not so good. When we're behaving negatively, others have to respond to that and now manage their emotions around yours.

This is how relationship conflicts start. I want to support you in helping you manage your mood so others don't have to. There are mental exercises and practical tools to give you that can help you be a healthier YOU!

Schedule a call with me to talk about what that means.

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