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Your People Plan

It’s November 1. Do you know where your people are?

What I mean is, do you have a plan for their growth and development, and yours, in 2024?

How do they fit into the overall goals and strategy of the team and organization?

You won’t reach those goals without people. They are your greatest asset, so I encourage you to consistently prioritize their needs.

Your people need dedicated attention for them to grow, but each person needs something different. Much like different plants need various levels of water, sunlight, and fertilizer, your people also require varying ways of nurturing their growth because they are each wired differently.

As the leader, you are the gardener and it is part of your job to know how to take care of them, but people don’t come with that little tag that gives you information on how to care for them.

You might think you know, but you may not know everything. What have they not shared?

It could be a simple fix like a new faster printer that allows them to get what they need quickly and move on. Or it might be more relational needs like a weekly check-in or coaching.

But once you know those needs, a discussion can take place on how to meet them, or the reason why not.

I’re busy and who has time to add more meetings to discuss your team’s needs. But are you sacrificing a higher-performing team by not doing it?

If you want help having these conversations, I have communication and alignment tools to support this initiative. Just schedule a call and we’ll discuss your people development needs for 2024.

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