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I got distracted on my way

My family makes fun of me because I tend to have a terrible habit of starting a project in one room of our house and before I finish it, I jump up and move to another room because I thought of something I should do. You can guess that I don’t finish many projects because “Mom got distracted.” Also known as squirrel syndrome.

It might be a little funny to you hearing this for the first time, but it became frustrating. It was something that I did for many years and never comprehended this tendency until my husband pointed it out. He began helping me focus on one thing in one room until I finished it.

It’s so satisfying to finish something! Who knew?

I was grateful for that insight and how it changed my behavior. It really helped once I started my business because, if I was accidental, I could go down deep rabbit holes and forget about the task that I needed to complete. It’s not a tendency that has gone completely away. I still have it, but I am now aware of it and will adjust back on task.

You may not struggle with that tendency but take a moment to think about what not-so-helpful pattern of behavior you have that you want to avoid. We all have something. None of us are perfect.

I needed someone to help me identify that particular one. Maybe you could ask a coworker, family member, or close friend, what is something they see you doing that is not helping your influence. Be ready for their answer.

If you are not comfortable with that idea, I’ll be the one that holds up the ‘mirror’ for you. That is what I do as a leadership coach. I help people know what it’s like to be on the other side of them and address patterns of behavior that aren’t serving them, whether they realize it or not.

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