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Get ready to be called up

My family and I are huge baseball fans. My husband played it in his earlier years, my son currently plays it, and we all spend a lot of hours watching it. Our favorite professional (MLB) team is the Chicago Cubs, so it was a dream that our recent vacation to NYC included a Yankees/Cubs game.

There is a saying in the sport, “he was called up.” If you’re not familiar with what that means, a quick definition is a player who was in the minor leagues was moved up to his major league team. It’s a big deal and a coveted opportunity for any player.

He has to be ready – mentally and physically strong to take on a new challenge with a lot of pressure to perform at a high level, and keep his position.

Are you ready to be called up in your career? Sometimes it can happen when you least expect it or plan for it. Your boss resigns, you are laid off, or your spouse’s job requires a move.

It can also happen when you intentionally work toward it by acquiring deeper leadership skills so you can do your job well while helping others do theirs.

Building new skills doesn’t happen quickly by attending a 1-day workshop. It requires a plan, dedication, accountability, and possibly a coach to guide you to your next level.

Let’s get you (or your team) ready to be called up! Tap here to schedule a free 15-minute strategy call.

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