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How Strong is Your Core?

Working on your core muscles is an important part of a well-rounded fitness program. Without a strong core, you cannot maximize the health and productivity of your body that ultimately improves your balance and stability. It takes consistent time and attention to keep it healthy.

In the same way, developing the core of your leadership involves intentional time and attention. Attending one workshop or reading a book on leadership doesn’t keep you healthy long-term.

GiANT has a tool that helps us develop the core of our leadership by understanding, identifying, and addressing key areas of our specific skill set. The more we know ourselves, the better we can lead ourselves and others.

The three fundamental skill sets that make up the core of our leadership are:

(1) PI - Personality Intelligence; our self-awareness.

(2) EI - Emotional Intelligence; our awareness of others and our impact on them.

(3) SI - Skills Intelligence; our knowledge of task-based skills and priorities.

The” intelligent” leader is someone who is put together at the intersection of all 3. But, the reality is most leaders don’t have them all built out – each circle is a different size.

People who don't know themselves well are not self-aware which causes them to have a lower Personality Intelligence. If they don't understand their personality, tendencies, or patterns of behavior, then they do the same thing again and again expecting different results.

Having a strong PI is the centerpiece of building a strong core because when you know yourself, it expands your influence and typically builds a stronger Emotional Intelligence. EI enables you to recognize what other people need and help them get it.

For your Skills Intelligence circle to get stronger, you need to ask yourself what you need to do in your job to be amazing. It’s your ability to be task-aware and gain more skills that are needed for your job.

Most people have a large SI circle because they were hired to be in that position. However, if you have small Personality Intelligence or Emotional Intelligence circles, then you can lose influence if you’re perceived as a know-it-all. All three go together and must each be worked on.

Where are you right now in each of these circles? Use this tool to recognize your strengths and weaknesses or gaps, then develop an action plan for growth in those areas.

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