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You're Making People Feel Something

You are always making people feel something. Have you ever thought about that? Might be a sobering thought if we’re accidental most of the time.

Your words and actions are heard and seen by those around you. They automatically feel something. Of course, you can’t control what they feel, however, you might want to alter your actions if they’re producing reactions you aren’t happy with.

I tend to be quite sarcastic, and I love making people laugh. There have been times when I knew I took my sarcasm too far. Their physical reactions made it obvious I made them feel “something” I wasn’t proud of.

In moments like that is when we can lose influence with those around us if we don’t recognize and change our actions the next time. To be a leader people want to follow, I believe we should care about how we make people feel.

Examine a few key relationships and recall the last time you had a disagreement or frustration with them.

What do you think you made them feel? Hurt, anxious, frustrated, insignificant, incompetent?

How did you feel?

At the heart of all relationship conflict is miscommunication. Most of our conflicts are caused unintentionally. It happens all the time, especially when we're in a hurry.

When we are behaving badly (accidentally), our natural tendencies on how we handle stress, fear, and anxiety come out and that’s when we make people feel something we didn’t mean.

The more we know ourselves, the better we can lead ourselves before we cause relational issues.

I am calling you up to a higher level of awareness and intentionality.

Schedule a call with me to talk about what that means.

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