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I Gave So Many Signs

From the Taylor Swift song, Exile comes my inspiration. I really like this song – not because I’m a huge fan of hers, but I’m a sucker for songs accompanied only by a piano and thought-provoking lyrics.

This is a duet between Taylor and Bon Iver, who has an incredibly deep and chilling vocal (probably another reason why I like the song). It’s the conversation they silently have with each other that I wanted to share:

Bon: “You didn’t even hear me out”

Taylor: “Didn’t even hear me out”

Bon: “I never learned to read your mind”

Taylor: “Never learned to read my mind”

Bon: “I couldn't turn things around”

Taylor: “You never turned things around”

Bon: “'Cause you never gave a warning sign”

Taylor: “I gave so many signs. So many signs, so many signs. You didn't even see the signs”

This is a perfect example of how two people can have very different perspectives on their relationship. She thinks she gave so many signs to pay attention to her and he thinks she never opened to him.

Can you relate to a situation like this? I’d be surprised if you said ‘no.’

We all have relationship drama whether we admit it or not. At the heart of all relational conflict lies communication.

You think you are giving so many signs to a colleague, partner, or friend on what you need from them. Why are they not meeting your needs or expectations?!

Because they are missing your signs. They aren’t receiving your communication in the way you think they are. It’s possible that you are not receiving theirs either. That is when frustration creeps into the relationship and if not addressed, can lead to ending it, oftentimes in a very ugly way.


Do you want to learn how to hear and be heard by the people in your life? If you answer yes, email me and we’ll schedule a time to go through a no-obligation process to identify your biggest growth opportunity.

If you are curious about this song, listen to it here.

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