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The Year of the Tiger

Today marks the beginning of a new Chinese Year. It’s the year of the Tiger.

According to this article, the year of the Tiger “will prove to have many qualities that the Tiger possesses—dynamic, engaging, and unexpected.”

The article also explains that this year is specifically the Water Tiger. Along with a Zodiac sign, traditional Chinese culture is governed by an element (air, fire, wind, metal, water). I had never heard that before and it puts another interesting spin on the year.

When the naturally fiery, dynamic, and unexpected energy of the Tiger is paired with the water element, it lessens the typical ups and downs of the Tiger and helps things be calmer. I don’t know about you, but I could go for some calmness.

Read that article linked above to learn 10 things to look out for in the year of the Water Tiger, but I will highlight one: Leadership.

The Tiger is a sign of leadership. Those who feel the calling of leadership will be thrust into positions where their skills to lead will be required of them.

Tiger leadership is rarely planned. It is often spontaneous and unexpected. This type of leadership may be a spur of the moment and feel like you are being thrown into the deep end, but it is here that your courage and determination to succeed will kick in.

When people find themselves in an unexpected leadership position, they may not feel trained or prepared for it, therefore doubting their capabilities. I don’t want that for anyone!

Let’s be proactive with your leadership development and prepare you for when that unexpected opportunity knocks.


My Chinese animal is Dragon. Curious what your sign is? Check it here. If you have a birthday in January or February, make sure you read the exact dates of the Chinese year.

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