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Your Mind Lies to You

What do you want to think today?

I recently heard this question from a life coach who I greatly admire. My first thought was, I’ll think whatever I think. Duh.

But then she dove deeper into that question, and I truly value the significance of answering it on a daily basis.

We are in control of our thoughts – or rather sometimes out of control of our thoughts. Our brain lies to us all the time and we listen to it and believe the lies. Those thoughts lead to emotions that affect our behavior.

Here are a few lies I listen to:

  • I’m not as good at [this] as [name].

  • There’s no way I can be happy until [this happens].

  • I’ll never get all of this work done.

  • She/He is so annoying and is wasting my time.

Those thoughts make me feel anxious, overwhelmed, inadequate, and frustrated. Then my actions from those feelings are very unhealthy and cause even more frustration and stress – for me and those around me.

We do this cycle to ourselves all the time – because we let it happen.

Negative thoughts --> Negative emotions --> Unhealthy behaviors that cause stress and drama --> Negative thoughts -->

I challenge you to be in control of your mind. What do you want to think today?

I’ve changed the lies to:

  • I can’t wait to learn more about [this] and I will be amazing at it.

  • I have everything I need to be happy now. I don’t need [that] to happen to be happy. I have internal peace without it.

  • I can work on one thing at a time and not get distracted.

  • I will listen to what she/he says and find a common thing I can agree with.

You can change the lies too.

Pay attention to what you are thinking.

Ask yourself if it’s a healthy and good thought.

Does it bring you peace?

If not, flip the thought around. You are in control of what you think. Do you want to think negative dark thoughts or would you rather think positive peaceful thoughts? You make this choice every day whether you realize it or not.

This takes practice and we will get better and faster the more we do it. Some people can do this on their own and have a long-term transformation, while many others need tools and support to rewire their thinking patterns. I needed tools and a coach to change my thinking. Imagine the difference it will make today for you and everyone around you flipping even just one of the lies you listen to.

If you want support getting out of an unhealthy cycle, schedule a call with me to get support now.

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