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Your Yes Means No

As you go through every day, you are making hundreds of choices. People, projects, and deadlines are all vying for your attention.

Right now, you might be making decisions for how and where to spend the holidays, or what personal and professional goals you want to achieve in 2022, or what to eat for dinner tonight.

Think about this: for every ‘yes’ you give you’re saying ‘no’ to something else.

Most of the time you’re not making that choice consciously and it’s not necessarily a sacrifice. But when you chose to work late or check your email at the dinner table, you are unconsciously saying ‘no’ to giving attention to your family. Or by choosing to make your goals for next year be solely about KPIs and retention numbers, you’re saying ‘no’ to yours and others’ leadership development.

This concept spans all areas of our life. My husband and are trying to teach our children that instant gratification means having to say no to something else in the future. It also applies to feelings – if I choose to be angry or stressed, I’m saying ‘no’ to happiness and peace.

The more you pause and think about your decisions and when you want to say ‘yes’ to something or someone, what are you inadvertently saying ‘no’ to? Since I’ve started using this principle, it’s helped keep my focus on the right things for me and allows for creating healthy boundaries.


When you plan for your yeses for 2022 let me know if you choose to focus on your personal or professional development. I will be your partner and guide in your journey to healthy leadership.

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