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Are You Working Backwards?

My family and I enjoyed a lovely vacation last week in my Colorado hometown. We were spoiled by my parents and sister with great food, amazing adventures, lots of laughs, and rest.

Then how can I be tired? Probably because I’m not physically tired, I’m emotionally worn out. All the tough decisions - one right after the other - about how to work, socialize, and educate our children have been draining. Trying to stay informed with the news without becoming angry, sad, or bewildered.

Are you tired, too?

Are you Resting from your Work or are you Working from a Place of Rest? Think about that a moment because they are vastly different from each other.

While we can’t avoid making all the tough decisions in our life right now, we can manage our stress level from a healthy mindset.

I challenge you to find ways to rest that are good for you. The way you rest will be different from me and possibly from your family. That’s okay. You must find what works for you! For example, you might enjoy a bike ride or a walk, reading, watching a movie, or a bubble bath.

I find rest in the kitchen. I love baking and creating yummy food and treats for my family. I can focus completely on what I’m making and come away totally recharged and happy. I also might be known to find a little recharge with cleaning my house but don’t tell anyone. 😉

Think about recharging as the first gear in a car. The car is designed to start in first gear, a slower quiet place. It’s impossible to begin in a faster gear. If you are fully rested and start from a place of a healthy self, your other gears will work better, smoother, and safer.

What does it look like for YOU to recharge?

When you are working from a place a rest, you will be a healthier leader for your team, organization, and family.

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