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What are you celebrating?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Returning to work after a 3-day weekend, you might be hard-pressed to find something to celebrate.

You’re tired – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

You’re either working remotely or you’ve returned to the office – neither feels normal.

You’re figuring out how to continue practicing social distancing while our society is opening.

You still can’t visit loved ones in the way you want to.

You can probably add more things to this list.

Don’t dismiss what you’re struggling with – it’s real, but don’t let your long list overrun your mind. Give yourself permission to acknowledge those things... for about five minutes. Determine what you can and can’t control. Throw out into the universe the things you have no control over. Let them go.

Now, think of 2-3 things you can celebrate today and center your mind around those. They don’t have to be BIG things - something that makes YOU smile.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts.” ~ Winnie The Pooh

What are the small (or big) things you can celebrate? If you want to share, reply back to this email. I want to celebrate with you.

Today, I am celebrating something big - my 19th wedding anniversary with my husband, Patrick. Even though we aren’t vacationing someplace exotic, like the picture above, or have fancy dinner reservations, we can celebrate all of our years together quietly. Celebrating in a small way doesn’t make our anniversary any less important. It’s our mindset of happiness and positivity that makes it amazing!

Our mindset shapes our actions. Your positivity (or negativity) will be multiplied to those around you. Find something or someone to celebrate and let your positive energy radiate.

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