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Executing the Right Things

Would you call your team busy? Would you call your team productive? How about high performing?

I am busy. I’m productive. The key here is, that oftentimes I’m productive at the wrong things. I’ve shared before that I get distracted and don't finish things, but I also complete tasks that do not help me reach my goals.

I love lists and crossing off items I've accomplished, but my tendency is to do the easy things first or those items that I enjoy. My negative superpower is putting off my “hard or uncomfortable things” even though I know they are the next right thing for my work. I can feel both productive and unproductive at the end of the day.

Everyone wants to be on a high-performing team, get stuff done, and reach goals to feel successful. The reality is that less than 60% of teams are actually reaching their full potential. That’s a lot of impact left on the table every day!

Don’t let being super busy, having a really full plate, and wearing multiple hats be an excuse to not have a high-performing team working on the right things. You can reach your goals and have a significant impact in your business, without burning out.

I have a coach that guides me to make the necessary focus changes and holds me accountable. If you or your team needs support with being truly high-performing, contact me and we’ll begin right away.

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