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If you’re not a Type A personality, then what are you?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Have you ever heard people say that they are “Type A”?

I hear people say that periodically and it didn’t hit me until recently, that I actually have no idea what a Type A personality truly is. I mean, really know the definition.

I understand the context of it when people claim they are that type, but how do you know if you’re Type A? Are there any other types? I’ve never heard of someone saying, “I’m Type B, that’s why I’m so _____”.

Are you Type A? How do you know?

I enjoy personality assessments and learning about human behavior, but I’ve never taken this one to determine the type that I am.

I typed in a Google search “Type A personality” to do a little research. Yes, there is an assessment you can take. And, did you know that the Types were created by cardiologists, not personality psychologists?

In the 1950s, physicians Meyer Friedman and R.H. Rosenman found a correlation between heart disease in patients and certain personality characteristics such as impatience and hostility. They called this phenomenon “Type A” and the “A” doesn’t stand for anything.

Their research and findings have been studied for decades and flaws have since been reported. You can continue the research to learn more; I only gave you a little information about the Types because I’d like to offer an alternative to saying that you’re Type A (B, C, or D) – Nurturer, Creative, Guardian, Connector, or Pioneer.

Now, before you try to decide which of these you are, there is something important you need to know. The 5 Voices System, that utilizes this terminology, doesn’t tell you that you are simply one type or voice. Unlike most personality assessments, this system does not put you in a labeled box. You are a complex mix of all 5 Voices.

The first two voices of a person are more natural, easily accessible, and how you see the world, whereas the last two are more challenging to use yourself and even value in other people. One of the most beautiful things about this system is recognizing those voices (people) who you’ve clashed with or just didn’t want to be around. This provides a way to learn about their characteristics and strengths, and vice versa.

Take a free online assessment and get your immediate results. Once you take this free quiz, you might have questions about the results and how to get the most out of it. Contact me and we’ll go over it together.

I guarantee you’ll walk away from our conversation with insights and ahas, and of course, a few action steps to begin your journey to your next level. The more you know yourself the healthier your influence will be for those whom you lead.

This is not just about YOU. It’s also about valuing everyone around you. In case you’re wondering, my voice order is:

  1. Connector

  2. Creative

  3. Nurturer

  4. Pioneer

  5. Guardian

The next time you say that you’re a “Type A”, make sure you know what you’re claiming to be and if it’s accurate. Maybe it’s time for you to know what your 5 Voices order is.

"I want freedom for the full expression of my personality." Mahatma Gandhi

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