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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Whatever your opinions are about everything our country is dealing with, I hope that you and I can agree on one thing – we need to be liberators for those we love and lead.

A liberator fights for the highest possible good for everyone around them – not just the people you agree with or get along with but for EVERYONE!

A liberator’s intent is to be FOR people (not for yourself) and call people UP (not out) even if you have different opinions or emotions.

To help you get in a mindset of liberation, at the start of each week ask yourself this question, “Am I prepared to fight for the highest possible good of the people I am leading this week?”

If your answer is “Yes” try answering these 3 questions for each person:

1. What specific support and challenge do they need from me this week?

  • Being a healthy leader is bringing both support and challenge but calibrating each one in a way that your people need them.

2. What is the tendency or pattern most undermining their influence?

  • If you truly care for those you lead, it’s your great responsibility to speak the truth in love to help them overcome an unhealthy tendency.

3. How do I help them get to the next level?

  • Help them see their future and equip them to climb their mountain. What a noble role of leadership – to be healthy and confident in ourselves to help others get to their next level.

If you want to be a true liberator, it takes putting others before yourself. There’s no favoritism, hate, or partiality.

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