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What's Your Number?

Updated: Jun 22

We all have a number. No, I’m not referring to a phone number but rather a very different kind of number that can go up or down – sometimes daily.

Everyone has a Peace Index number over their head and we’re all walking around with it. The problem is that it’s invisible.

Each person you encounter at home, work, or the coffee shop can’t see yours and you can’t see theirs. We truly have no idea how people are when we ask, “How are you?” Asking that question is like saying, “Hi!”

Recently I witnessed this exact point while at a soccer game. A young adult was walking by the stands when he saw a familiar face and he only said, “Hey, how are you?” as he kept walking. There was literally no way for that person to answer that question except with one word – fine or good.

My absolute least favorite response to that question is, “I’m living the dream!” I never know how to respond. Are they really living their dream? If so, I’m all for getting excited and celebrating that. Or are they being sarcastic? Unfortunately, I think most people are being sarcastic when they say it which makes me want to coach them to a place where they are “Living their dream!!!” [It’s possible!]

So, what’s your number over your head? I’ve written an explanation of the Peace Index tool in a previous post – check it out here. After finding your number, contact me to create a plan to increase your inner peace so you can radiate it to those around you.

We are about to begin a traditionally stressful time of the year…the holidays. Share this peace framework with your team or family to help them navigate the rest of the year in a healthy way. Let’s talk about options for knowing how your team is really doing.

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