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Working With Humans

How do you rate your team (or family) on this statement?

Our team (family) does not have relational drama and gossip.

  • Strongly Disagree

  • Disagree

  • Undecided

  • Agree

  • Strongly Agree

If you picked Strongly Agree, stop reading this now and go on with your day – but first email me this good news so I can celebrate with you!

If you’re still reading, you are not alone. We find that teams perform at less than 60% of their true potential. When working with humans, you’ll likely experience some level of drama, gossip, and miscommunication. These result in wasted time, damaged relationships, low trust, poor collaboration, and frustrations.

Yikes, that sounds awful!

So why are leaders staying “locked up” in these issues, not reaching their full potential, leaving millions of dollars on the table of lost income and impact in the world, and watching colleagues leave?

They are not consciously choosing to stay in this situation, and that is the root of the problem. They are unconsciously choosing it by not knowing how to fix those unhealthy issues.

Leaders are creating a culture in their teams and businesses whether they mean to or not – it’s happening.

Why not be intentional about building your team or family culture? One that has high trust, clarity, engagement, and maximized potential.

What would that be worth for you to deal with less drama, to increase trust, to have collaborating conversations around reaching goals?

If you feel stuck and want help moving out of it, I can provide you a proven process that is helping leaders become healthy themselves and intentionally transfer that knowledge into their teams and families.


If you’re ready, simply email me, “Tina, I’m ready” and we’ll schedule a time to go through a no-cost process to identify your biggest growth opportunities.

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